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Autonomous Vehicles and Human Beings
So much has been written about autonomous self-driving cars (automated vehicles or AV) and all of it is simply fascinating. The technology is evolving quickly and the research in this field will affect each and every one of us in unforeseen ways. Looking back just 7-8 years ago, smartphones were being adopted by the masses. My, how our lives have changed – generally for the better, but with some definite downsides. 
Unique Trucking Issues: The Risks and Rewards of Going in for the Long Haul
Greg Fears May 24, 2016 Posted in: Blog Posts, Commercial Lines
I remember cruising down the interstate as a child in the back of my parents’ station wagon. My brothers and I got such a kick out of being able to name all the different models of cars and trucks. The best part of it was getting the semi-truck drivers to honk their horns when we pumped our fists up and down. Nowadays, driving down the interstate means counting the number of different trucking companies with which I am involved in pricing their insurance and reserving for their losses.
Communication is Key to Successful Collateral Negotiations
Collateral negotiations can often be contentious. While collateral is required for a variety of insurance programs, opinions of how much collateral is necessary can differ significantly. These differences are borne out of different perspectives and motives between parties involved in the negotiation. An objective discussion between the actuaries behind the loss projections on both sides of the negotiation can help find valuable middle ground.
Katey Walker

Telematics Insurance Solutions – What’s Your Strategy?

Recent survey sheds light on consumer acceptance

Telematics Insurance Solutions – What’s Your Strategy?
Usage Based Insurance (UBI) has become a fixed presence in the insurance landscape. The recent Telematics US conference showcased a lot of new technological solutions with both personal and commercial vehicle applications. With all of the available options, the challenge insurers will face is to select the right program that aligns with their business strategy.
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