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Danny Linton

The Power and Potential of Pools

Economic, industry and other social conditions have made it the perfect time for risk pools.

The Power and Potential of Pools
Danny Linton September 12, 2022 Posted in: Blog Posts, Insurance / Insurers
Pools have had spectacular historical success — for government entities and their constituents. Consultants need to understand that past as they help pools look to the future. As history repeats (and rhymes), and old crises become new again, pools and their history of innovation will continue to be the answer.
The Language of Consulting
Danny Linton September 23, 2021 Posted in: Blog Posts, Blog, General

As far as I can remember, I have always been drawn to numbers. Throughout my early education, I gravitated to all the various “toys” designed to instill a tactile knowledge of mathematical tenets; there were number chains, peg boards, puzzles (some were even three-dimensional!), to name a few. This attraction has always been founded on one notion, or cliché: “numbers don’t lie.”

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