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Insights on Climate Change Using the Actuaries Climate Index
Zach Brogadir June 06, 2017 Posted in: Blog Posts, General, News
Climate change made headlines this week as a key government decision sparked renewed debates among politicians. It’s a topic that has also sparked serious discussion within the insurance industry and actuaries are being asked to evaluate the potentially serious implications. Our previous blog post examines how climate change could impact the insurance industry and discusses what actuaries are doing to provide unbiased tools to analyze climate data. The Actuaries Climate Index (ACI) measures the changes in climate over time in a single index score. Scores greater than 0 indicate a greater than average frequency of extreme weather such as high temperatures and rising sea levels. The ACI provides a wealth of information from which we can gain key insights into the behavior and impact of climate change that has already been observed.
Election 2016:  A Real-Life Example of the Importance of Understanding Your Model
Zach Brogadir November 22, 2016 Posted in: Blog Posts, Predictive Analytics
The 2016 Presidential Election was the most divisive of my lifetime. The candidates presented very different outlooks, sparking fierce debate among American citizens. Interestingly, it wasn’t just voters who were divided by this election. Predictive modelers were likewise involved in their own election-driven debate.
Join Pinnacle for the CAS Midwest Actuarial Forum’s Fall Meeting
Zach Brogadir August 18, 2016 Posted in: Blog Posts, General
The Midwest Actuarial Forum (MAF) will hold its Fall Meeting at the Marriott Hotel in Normal, Illinois on Friday, September 16th. As Vice-President of the MAF, I’m excited about bringing this dynamic organization to central Illinois. It’s a wonderful and convenient opportunity for local actuaries to come together, learn and meet fellow professionals from other companies, as well as pick up some valuable continuing education (including professionalism).
Regional CAS Affiliates Provide Opportunities to Learn and Pay It Forward
Zach Brogadir June 08, 2016 Posted in: Blog Posts, General
I was thrilled when I passed my final actuarial exam and became a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society (FCAS). I’d done it! No more exams to take, and the reward of the prestigious FCAS credential. Once we become credentialed actuaries, although we may graduate past the exam stage of our career, we now carry a new professional obligation: the pursuit and completion of continuing education (CE). 
Powerful New Technologies Are Impacting Trucking Safety and Future Risks
Zach Brogadir June 02, 2016 Posted in: Blog Posts, Telematics / UBI
Recent technological advances have been shaking up industries with traditionally lengthy, stable histories. Just look at how the taxi industry has been impacted by ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft. The trucking industry is just as vulnerable to change. New technologies are impacting the way trucks are driven and causing us to consider whether we even need humans to drive them at all. 
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