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Trent Goughnour

Insurance Telematics USA 2015

When Will We See Real Adoption in the US?

Insurance Telematics USA 2015
Trent Goughnour September 28, 2015 Posted in: Blog Posts, Predictive Analytics, Telematics / UBI
This year at the Insurance Telematics USA conference in Chicago, Illinois, there were a variety of presentations regarding the future of telematics, potentials for the devices, smartphone apps, data, and how Usage Base Insurance (UBI) is evolving in the US. The over-arching theme of many presentations centered on adoption, or rather, the slow adoption seen in the US and what can be done to increase acceptance. The insurance industry is focusing more attention on increasing UBI adoption, and statements like “UBI is just around the corner” were repeated throughout the conference. In spite of this, wide adoption seems elusive in the US.
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