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Why Do You Go To Work Each Day?
Julie Calmès October 25, 2018 Posted in: Blog Posts, General
We all share some common motivators for going to work each day: Putting food on the table. Paying the rent or mortgage. Traveling. Saving for the kids’ college educations. Preparing for retirement. Lately, as I watch my parents, my children and myself grow older, I’ve been pondering some of life’s larger questions. A lifelong learner, I’ve always enjoyed listening to others and gleaning what I can from their experiences. I’m fortunate to truly enjoy the work I do, so I've been curious as to what motivates my Pinnacle colleagues to get out of bed and really want to go to work each morning. Here are some of their kind and thoughtful revelations.
5 Inspiring Leadership Qualities
Julie Calmès November 09, 2017 Posted in: General
Many great leaders have inspired me during the course of my extensive international marketing and communications career.  From graduate school to the business world and global humanitarian work, I’ve witnessed a multitude of exceptional leaders take organizations to new heights while improving others’ lives.  
Puerto Rico as the Bridge Between Latin America and the U.S.
The 2017 Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA) International Conference took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico on April 18-19. Session highlights included the advantages of the island’s financial services environment for offshore companies and an overview of the Puerto Rico Insurance Code. An accredited member of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Puerto Rico’s Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OIC) has taken an active role in promoting the island as an ideal domicile for international insurers.
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