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The Magic Kingdom of Analytics
Nick Gurgone March 21, 2016 Posted in: Blog Posts, Predictive Analytics
When you think of the Disney Corporation, many things come to mind: Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, magic… and analytics? At the recent Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) Ratemaking and Product Management (RPM) Seminar in Orlando, I was fortunate to attend a presentation by Mike Akeroyd, a Managing Consultant with the Walt Disney Company. Mike demonstrated the many data collection applications and analyses that he and his team utilize to improve theme parks, optimize hotel bookings and maximize advertising effectiveness. He calls them “yield analytics” and applies them to the daily management of Disney projects. Mike’s team has statistically determined optimal outcomes for essential Disney operations, ranging from bus and shuttle schedules to the optimal order in which to ride attractions at the Magic Kingdom theme park.
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