While Pinnacle serves clients in a wide variety of industries, we recognize that each client faces individual challenges. That’s why we develop our actuarial solutions using a proven approach that has worked for dozens of similar clients but with an eye on each client’s unique needs.

At Pinnacle, we deploy decades of experience and industry knowledge to develop a customized analysis that meets your individual circumstances. Click the links below to discover more about how we help businesses in a wide range of industries solve problems by analyzing and managing risk.

Pinnacle's experienced consultants know the unique requirements of the agriculture industry--developing rates for Farm Bureau-related insurance products, federal crop insurance programs, ongoing loss reserve analyses, funding and feasibility studies for single parent and group captives, reciprocals and risk retention groups, or other agriculture-related issues, Pinnacle can provide the tools and solutions you need to drive better business decisions and address your toughest challenges.
As a contractor, you understand how insurance costs can make or break your future. Pinnacle’s extensive experience proves that your unique and challenging exposures, and how you finance them, are both manageable and considerably under your control.
Today, no industry is changing as quickly or fundamentally as health care. At the same time, escalating medical professional liability costs have become a critical issue for health care providers and those seeking to improve health care value and outcomes.
Manufacturers face liability exposure at every turn—premises and operations, product liability, workers compensation, property and commercial auto exposure and more. We consider the multitude of your real world operations exposure and circumstances to the maximum extent possible. Then, we measure the impact of techniques such as loss prevention, loss control, risk management, and safety programs essential to keeping costs in check.
As a staffing concern, there are any number of situations that can have an impact on your business. Your marketing philosophy during times of economic distress also affects the levels of risk you may experience. At Pinnacle, we build a model specific to your unique situation and provide further analysis to evaluate collateral, analyze company-level loss development, project future cash flow, recommend funding levels for future negotiations with insurance companies and more.
As one of the largest industries in the world, the transportation industry includes a wide variety of companies that face constant liability exposures. At Pinnacle, our focus is to quantify your claims liabilities’ expected ultimate costs and reflect your risk exposures’ unique characteristics.

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