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Disparate Impact Theory Struck Down
Blog Posts, Homeowners, Insurance / Insurers - Property/Casualty Insurers Win Victory in Court, Authored by Joseph A. Herbers. Tag(s): Insurers, Homeowners, HUD, Disparate Impact, NAMIC, American Insurance Association, 1968 Fair Housing Act, Property/Casualty Topic(s): Insurers, Homeowners

January 2014 - Apex Discussion Series
Presentations - Statements of Actuarial Opinion at Year-End 2013, Authored by Joseph A. Herbers. Topic(s): Accountants/Auditors, Agent/Broker, Captive Managers, Government Insurers, Insurers, Regulators, Self Insureds, Third Party Administrators, Alternative Markets, Loss Reserving, Public Entities, Agriculture, Commercial Lines, Contractors, Health Care/Medical Professional Liability, Homeowners, Manufacturing, Mine Subsidence, Personal Auto, Staffing, Transportation, Underground Storage Tanks, Warranty, Workers Compensation

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