Join Pinnacle's Beyond the Classroom -- From Books to Booths: Tips on Resume Prep, Career Fairs and Interviewing

Pinnacle is pleased to announce our Beyond the Classroom webinar series for the fall 2023 semester.

Thinking about your career after college? Consider attending Pinnacle's Beyond the Classroom webinar, From Books to Booths: Tips on Resume Prep, Career Fairs and Interviewing, to be held Thursday, September 14, 4:00 - 4:30 p.m. (CST)

For this Beyond the Classroom, Pinnacle professionals will discuss tips for success when starting your search for a job or internship. They will be providing their perspectives on topics such as what makes a solid resume, navigating a career fair and showcasing your skills during interviews

A Unique Development Opportunity

Beyond the Classroom is a lively, timely and compelling resource to students. The webinars provide advice on different actuarial career paths, insights on predictive analytics, and discussions of various actuarial topics.

Building on our six successful webinars in 2022, Beyond the Classroom returns this year with six more unique, live, one-hour webinars, with opportunities for attendees to engage directly with working actuarial professionals. A variety of Pinnacle employees will be hosting the webinars. Topics for the Spring 2023 semester will be announced soon.

Prior topics, like “Paths to Pinnacle” and “From Insurance Carrier to Consulting Firm: Which Path is Right for You?,” feature the unique career journeys of Pinnacle’s own employees. Attendees learned about the different actuarial career paths, the steps towards becoming a credentialed actuary and what it’s like working in the actuarial field. Other topics, such as “Captives 101” and “Predictive Analytics for Pricing: Turning Theoretical to Practical” provided insight on current and widely discussed topics in the insurance industry. Recordings of all prior Beyond the Classroom webinars are available below.

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Upcoming Beyond the Classroom Events & Webinars

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Watch Recorded Beyond the Classroom Webinars

Paths to Pinnacle
Paths to Pinnacle features the personal career paths of three Pinnacle employees, as they describe their own journeys and how their passion led them to actuarial science. Find out more about how your students’ interests and skills might be the right fit for this path.
Join Pinnacle Actuarial Analysts as they share tips on how to develop soft skills while in college. In addition to personal stories and advice, they'll give insights about the professional exams required for an actuarial career, including different exam tracks and study tips.
Captives 101
Join Pinnacle Consulting Actuary Nick Gurgone for an overview of captive insurance companies. Captive insurance is a popular alternative risk financing mechanism, but outside of the industry it is often unknown. This webinar will discuss what captive insurance is, how it can be used and some of the
Join Pinnacle Consultants as they give an overview of some of the different career paths available to actuaries, including the day-to-day work and career trajectory of an actuary at a traditional insurance carrier versus that of an actuary at a consulting firm.
Join Pinnacle presenters as they discuss how a tool called generalized linear models (GLMs) are applied to price insurance, which is a central activity of an actuary. The presenters will start with looking at the form of a GLM from a theoretical point-of-view. They will transition into how that GLM
Pinnacle presenters will introduce attendees to the Casualty Actuarial Society and the Society of Actuaries and the important positions they hold in our profession. The presentation will discuss how the mission of these organizations (and associated organizations) compare and the key role they play

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