What Are Pinnacle APEX Webinars?

Pinnacle's APEX Webinar is a free, monthly webinar series discussing some of the most timely, interesting and important issues facing the property and casualty industry. Our APEX Webinars are hosted by Pinnacle thought leaders and cover a variety of subjects, key sectors and lines of business. Topics in recent years have included inflation, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber security, medical professional liability, predictive analytics, Florida homeowners insurance updates and so much more. 

The dives are deep, and provide attendees with critical details from every corner of the property and casualty industry. Now in our second decade, Pinnacle APEX Webinars remain a go-to source of high-quality information and discussion. Generally held on the third Thursday of every month, APEX Webinars as so well regarded they often qualify for the actuarial profession's continuous education requirement. 

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Upcoming Webinars

- (12 - 1pm)

ESG, a framework for improving environmental, social and governance responsibility, is increasingly being adopted by the world’s largest businesses. ESG-focused investing has also been a topic of significant debate in recent years. For this APEX Webinar, Pinnacle Principal and Consulting Actuary Rob Walling will be joined by Jonathan Charak, vice president and emerging solutions director at Zurich North America, and Tim Flattery, captive executive at Innovative Captive Strategies (ICS). Rob, Tim and Jonathan will give a lively and informative overview of ESG, discuss Zurich’s commitment to ESG

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- (12 - 1pm)

Join Pinnacle Director and Consulting Actuary Laura Maxwell, Senior Consulting Actuary Radost Roumenova Wenman and Consulting Actuary James Wencil, for a discussion of actuarial standards of practice (ASOPs) and bias and how both relate to actuarial work. On this APEX Webinar, Pinnacle team members will discuss several ASOPs and the AAA’s white paper on fairness published in August. This  APEX is an interactive session with polling and discussion using the platforms chat feature. Before the session, registrants will receive a link to a Word Cloud survey to help select an ASOP for the webinar.

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State of the Florida Homeowners Market
- (12 - 1pm)

The Florida homeowners sector is arguably one of the most dynamic in the insurance industry. With a unique economic, geographic and legal environment, market conditions change frequently. Pinnacle is very pleased once again to present our annual State of the Florida Homeowners Market APEX Webinar. On this APEX, Pinnacle Principal and Consulting Actuary Art Randolph and Consulting Actuaries Chris Schubert and James Wencil present and analyze the latest Florida homeowners market data and share insights into this large and important segment given recent legislative changes.

On this APEX Webinar, Pinnacle Principal and Consulting Actuary Art Randolph and Consulting Actuary Chris Schubert will present an update to our annual analysis of the latest salient data and trends in the title insurance market. Joining Art and Chris will be Senior Financial Analyst Kourtnie Beckwith of AM Best’s property/casualty ratings division, who will provide some key insights from AM Best’s recent title insurance market segment report.

Pinnacle team members Erich Brandt, Greg Fears, Brittany Henrich and Steve Jagodzinski will provide year-end 2022 updates to our annual Risk Retention Group Benchmarking Study. The group will do a deep-dive into the current state of RRGs, including a look at industry-level RRG financial statement data with trends and comparisons to the admitted market.

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