Read Pinnacle's 2022 RRG Benchmarking Study

Since 2018, Pinnacle’s RRG Benchmarking Study has been an invaluable resource for the risk retention group market. Our latest study includes updates and key observations about the latest in RRG data. You can download the RRG Benchmarking Study in its entirety (for free, registration required).

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Pinnacle's Commitment to Preserving the Confidentiality of Client Data

Every form of communication I have received from Pinnacle has been comprehensive and succinct.

Our Solutions

  • Alternative Markets
    Whether a captive, public entity pool, self-insured entity or other, alternative markets programs share the need to control insurance costs over the long term. Pinnacle is a leader in providing actuarial consulting services for this large segment.
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
    Pinnacle has decades of experience in solutions for ERM and can assist in initial review, design and documentation of internal economic capital models and marginal pricing frameworks, among other services.
  • Legislative Costing
    Pinnacle’s experienced property/casualty actuaries help you understand the potential legislative impact in your state, and our costing studies of proposed legislation can help policy makers understand legislative implications.
  • Litigation Support/Expert Witness
    Property/casualty insurance and financial litigation continues to grow in complexity, and Pinnacle’s you independent, credible and expert actuaries can testify and explain actuarial matters clearly and effectively.
  • Loss Reserving
    Pinnacle is a leader in the evaluation of indicated accruals for unpaid claims liabilities and other reserves held by companies for financial reporting purposes. Our consultants take leadership positions in professional committees that promulgate standards for loss reserving and are active participants in discussions pertinent to such services. We rely both on both traditional methodologies and innovative techniques that may be warranted given circumstances of the particular assignment.
  • Predictive Analytics
    Predictive analytics is a key contributor to the success of personal and commercial insurers of all. As recognized leaders in predictive analytics, pricing and underwriting, Pinnacle has managed hundreds of projects for insurers of all sizes, from top 10 property and casualty insurance companies to small insurers.
  • Pricing/Product Management
    Pinnacle serves a wide variety of customers, including insurers, regulators, agents and industry associations, with industry-leading expertise for pricing and product management.
  • Reinsurance
    Pinnacle consultants have a tremendous breadth of reinsurance experience. From reinsurance pricing and reserving, to reinsurance underwriting and catastrophe modeling applications, we always strive to learn about your unique business operations and apply our expertise to provide solutions you need.

Our Industries

Pinnacle's experienced consultants know the unique requirements of the agriculture industry--developing rates for Farm Bureau-related insurance products, federal crop insurance programs, ongoing loss reserve analyses, funding and feasibility studies for single parent and group captives, reciprocals and risk retention groups, or other agriculture-related issues, Pinnacle can provide the tools and solutions you need to drive better business decisions and address your toughest challenges.
Contractors understand how insurance costs can adversely affect their ability to remain in business. We serve the entire spectrum of risks from heavy civil exposure to general contractors to artisan contractors. The exposure to liability and workers compensation risk is challenging but the manner in which such costs can be measured and controlled is where Pinnacle adds considerable value.
No industry is changing as quickly or fundamentally as health care. At the same time, escalating medical professional liability costs have become a critical issue for health care providers and those seeking to improve health care value and outcomes.
Manufacturers face numerous liability exposure—premises and operations, product liability, workers compensation, property and commercial auto exposure and more. We consider the multitude of your real world operations exposure and circumstances to the maximum extent possible. We measure the impact of techniques such as loss prevention, loss control, risk management, and safety programs essential to keeping costs in check.
Our clients are among the leaders in the staffing industry. We're experts in analyzing unique characteristics of programs — from single parent captive liabilities to large self-insured retention liabilities. We customize expert solutions that address your specific challenges.
Pinnacle knows that the transportation industry includes a wide variety of companies that face constant liability exposures. Pinnacle provides the tools and solutions your business needs to succeed, irrespective of industry segment.

Who We Serve