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You Have Such a February Face . . .
Erich Brandt July 27, 2022 Posted in: Blog Posts, News
February is a special month for consulting actuaries in Illinois. The days are long and cold, and reconciling data received to Schedule P with immaterial differences generates a real sense of excitement – not quite the excitement of your team winning the Super Bowl in February, but excitement nonetheless. 

Although at times I may sport a “February Face” at work, once March begins and the State of Illinois thaws, I look forward to the Illinois Shakespeare Festival (ISF). The ISF has been providing my community in central Illinois with live outdoor theater since 1978. The ISF has a well-earned reputation for outstanding productions with talented players.

Pierogis and Palaces
Erich Brandt January 09, 2018 Posted in: Blog Posts, General, ASOP / Professionalism
I’ve been known to frequent Europe on a regular basis and even have an app on my phone that tracks the places I’ve visited. I enjoy seeing the world’s major cities and indulging in the regional cuisine. A very popular Polish dish is the pierogi – a dumpling filled with a variety of vegetables or meat. You can even fill one with blueberries for dessert.
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