How We Celebrate at Pinnacle: Giving Back!
Luann Anderson

How We Celebrate at Pinnacle: Giving Back!

Luann Anderson January 21, 2020 Posted in: Blog Posts, News, Community Involvement

At Pinnacle, giving back is a centerpiece of our culture.

In fact, community involvement is one of our core values as an organization. During the year, our employees give to and volunteer at all kinds of charitable organizations, from Wounded Warrior and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital to local churches, schools and food pantries.

We’re proud of everything our people do, both for our clients and in making our communities (and the world) a better place. We truly have great people at Pinnacle.

We endeavor to reward, recognize and celebrate them at every opportunity we can throughout the year. And we were delighted to be able to do just that at our holiday party in Chicago again this past season. 

A lot of time and attention to detail goes into these types of celebrations. Our planning committee focuses on finding a great venue, providing exceptional dining options and getting other details just right. We think our team nailed it again this year. 

But in planning this year’s holiday party, the team thought it was important to make sure we did something to give back—and celebrate the charitable spirit or our employees and the firm’s core value of community involvement. 

We had a novel and innovative idea. 

Table centerpieces can add drama and extravagance to an event. They can include flowers, candles and other pieces and arrangements that dress up a table. They can also be wasteful. At many events, centerpieces cannot be re-used, and wind up as waste and thrown away. 

Our planning committee looked at centerpieces a little differently this year. Understanding that community involvement is a centerpiece of our firm, the committee decided to use our centerpieces as an opportunity to make a difference and give back. And, reduce the waste of our event!

Pinnacle didn’t buy flowers or candles or sweets or similar decorations for the center of our tables this year. Instead, the centerpieces on tables at our holiday party were stuffed creatures from the famous Build-A-Bear Workshop. 

Happy creatures were everywhere. Bears and ponies, unicorns and dinosaurs were crowded together, heaped high on every festive and fun table. Pinnacle employees were charmed and named each of the stuffed animals on their table.

The best part of Pinnacle’s holiday centerpieces was that, after the party, all of those bears, ponies, unicorns and other creature were given to kids in-care at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago as gifts. All the creatures found their way to new owners at the hospital to hopefully cheer and brighten their holiday season. Each with a signed card from the Pinnacle employees at that table.

It was an innovative way of doing something special for others. The firm was pleased for the chance to contribute. And our employees were also delighted at the opportunity to give back. What started as a simple holiday plan, turned into a fun-filled reminder of the meaning of the holiday, the spirit of our people, and what we value as a firm.


Luann Anderson is the director of operations for Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc. in the Bloomington, Illinois Office. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from Illinois State University. Luann’s corporate career includes corporate and not-for-profit leadership. She has also been an active volunteer involved in multiple local and national charitable organizations.

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