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Dalesa Bady

Belonging is an Outcome

The CAS Student Central Summer Program

Belonging is an Outcome
Dalesa Bady September 01, 2021 Posted in: Blog Posts, Blog, General


The widest smile stretched across my face as I read the only two all-cap words spanning across a single email. Overcome with pride and joy, an incredible revelation hit me. Those words were stated in the context of winning the case competition in the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) Student Central  Summer Program, but they had a greater meaning that went beyond a single competition. Those words were, and still are, symbolic of what it means to make progressive strides in a journey to become more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

Joe Herbers

Changing Hearts and Minds

The Importance of Listening

Changing Hearts and Minds
Joe Herbers June 28, 2021 Posted in: Blog Posts, General
In the wake of the murder of George Floyd last year, Pinnacle decided to proactively support and advance diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at our company, in our profession and in our communities. Collectively, the sentiment of the firm was towards action rather than simply parroting words to make us feel good about ourselves.
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