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Gambling & Insurance
Multiple July 25, 2019 Posted in: Blog Posts, General
The worlds of gambling and insurance are similar in many ways. Both are built upon elements of probability, modeling and quantification of risk. Both use a variety of means to attract individuals to participate. Professional gamblers are well informed as to the odds of one play versus another; an understanding of modelling can improve those odds to improve the chances of winning. Professional underwriters and actuaries understand premiums must be adequate to pay future claims and expenses; an understanding of modelling helps quantify risk and improve the ratemaking process.

Risk Goes to College

How Do Universities Insure Themselves?

Risk Goes to College
Multiple June 13, 2019 Posted in: Blog Posts, Captives, ERM
Pinnacle University is an annual event hosted by Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc., where analysts and actuarial science students from various universities collaborate to research and present on a relevant topic in the insurance industry. This year, our group explored how universities obtain insurance.
Tomorrow's Leaders Are Among Us
Erich Brandt May 03, 2017 Posted in: Blog Posts, Blog, General

When college students, regardless of their chosen major, ask for advice on how to cope with the changing job market, “Communication skills are critical,” is what they’ll hear.  We can perform complex regressions on personal computers and use presentation software to create slides, or we can build software programs designed to take an actuarial loss triangle and, with the press of a button, create a set of loss development exhibits… but someone has to explain all of this.

Laura Maxwell

NAIC ORSA Feedback Pilot Project

Are You at Risk for Not Being Ready for ORSA?

NAIC ORSA Feedback Pilot Project
Laura Maxwell August 14, 2015 Posted in: Blog Posts, ORSA
The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has completed their third Own Risk Solvency Assessment (ORSA) Feedback Pilot project. The number of states participating has grown from 12 in 2012, 16 in 2013 to 26 in the 2014 study. The number of companies participating in the pilot projects has also grown from 14 in the 2012 study to 28 in the 2014 study.
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