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Manufacturers face liability exposure at every turn — premises and operations, product liability, workers compensation, property and commercial auto exposure and more. The importance and risk associated with these and other exposures vary greatly among different manufacturing operations, as location, industry, company size and internal risk management controls all influence risk.

Our focus is to quantify the expected ultimate costs of your claims liabilities to reflect what makes your risk unique. We consider the multitude of your real world operations exposure and circumstances to the maximum extent possible. Then, we measure the impact of techniques such as loss prevention, loss control, risk management, and safety programs essential to keeping costs in check. Our analysis may take the form of a reserve analysis to estimate proper accrual for prior years’ claims a funding study to estimate the expected costs for next year’s claims, or even designing or modifying your self-insurance program.

Of course, there are external influences on some costs for which you have little control. Our extensive experience with self-insured manufacturers of all sizes from many industries tells us which influences are not only manageable, but are controllable.

Whether you need to develop rates for manufacturers’ insurance products, review retrospectively rated workers compensation policies for manufacturing companies, identify ongoing loss reserve analyses for manufacturing captives and self-insurance programs or require other actuarial services related to manufacturing, Pinnacle has the depth of experience, empathetic customer service and superior communication you need to drive the best decisions for your business.

Our expertise with manufacturers includes:

  • Beverage Brewers, Distillers, Bottlers and Distributors
  • Carpeting
  • Chemical Processors and Petroleum Refiners
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Electroplating
  • Food Processors
  • Furniture
  • Hardware
  • Machinery
  • Metal Refiners and Fabricators
  • Paint
  • Plastics Processors
  • Printers and Publishers
  • Wood Products

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Case Studies

Asbestos Liabilities
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Asbestos Liabilities

In 2009, Pinnacle provided expert testimony about the evolution of insurance industry asbestos liabilities in an arbitration hearing among several insurance companies and a pool manager. This assignment drew on our knowledge of the history of insurance industry asbestos liabilities, e.g., the evolution of the legal aspects surrounding coverage determinations, the interplay of primary, excess and reinsurance contracts, the history of failed attempts to control the problem and the impact of bankruptcies among other factors. The assignment also drew on our mass tort / latent liability reserving expertise.

Funding Study
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Funding Study

Pinnacle was approached by an aircraft manufacturer to provide recommended funding for various aviation and liability coverages. Pinnacle’s initial steps included discussing coverages to be provided and what data was available to complete the funding study. The captive was a start-up with no loss information on which to determine appropriate funding levels. Pinnacle was able to determine that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) had a database of aircraft incidents that recorded both the manufacturer and model of the aircraft involved in the incident. Since the manufacturer was able to provide the number of units produced, Pinnacle was able to determine the frequency and severity of the incidents and project ultimate funding levels. The captive is currently operational after receiving regulatory approval.

Self Insured Loss Reserve Analysis
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Self Insured Loss Reserve Analysis

Pinnacle was approached by a major, national manufacturer to perform a loss reserve analysis of their retained workers compensation, auto liability, general liability and products liability loss exposures. The previous actuary worked for a large broker which the customer felt presented a conflict of interest. In addition, the actuary used industry benchmarks that the customer felt did not accurately represent their loss development behavior. Pinnacle worked with the customer to better understand their loss exposures, claims handling practices, and corporate risk management philosophy. We worked with the company to gather better internal data and refine the industry benchmarks to better reflect their third party administrator, industry focus and geographic mix. These refinements, and many others, led to a more accurate analysis of the company’s retained loss exposures, a reduced provision for unpaid claims on their balance sheet, and reduced collateral requirements from their fronting carrier.

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